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Amazon’s Music Streaming

Amazon is not one to be left behind. The online retailer recently announced the coming launch of their own online music streaming service, exclusive to their line of echo voice assistant products. The catch? One version of the service would cost up to $5 a month, half of major competitors Spotify and Apple Music (and a quarter of the cost… Read more →

Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument is fun, but do you get anything besides the ability to impress your friends at parties? The research is in, and it says ‘yes’. Anita Collins and the animators at TED ED give an excellent explanation of the neuroscience of musical performance. Your brain is super-active when you’re listening to music, but when you perform it is… Read more →

What Does Social Media Do for the Fans?

We interact with music in ways that were unimaginable just a few years earlier. I’m not just talking about being able to stream music— as much as you want and in a perfectly legal way, no less. Instead, we’re seeing how technology impacts the ways that artists reach out to their adoring fans, and we still don’t really know what… Read more →